Pydon'ts – Write elegant Python code

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Would you like me to teach you how to write Python 🐍 code that is more elegant, more effective, and more expressive than what you have been writing until now... for free?

I am looking to teach Python to people who want to master Python to the best of their abilities.

Do you? If you do, then I know I can help you improve your skills.

How do I know that?

I have over 30,000 readers, and all of them have one thing in common: they are humans.

Python has dozens of built-ins, and all of them have multiple usage patterns. No human knows all of them by heart, but my research bundled them up nicely in a book for you to reference and learn from.

With the help of the +35 chapters and +400 pages of this book, you will learn more about all the built-ins and their usage patterns, and your code will become more elegant, it will become more effective, and it will also become more expressive.

So... I know what you are thinking! I do!

If the book is so good, why is it free?

Well, my friend Patrick (from the YouTube channel Python Engineer) says

[...] you should start charging for the book ;)

Here's a screenshot of the Twitter message he sent me 👇

I don't mind telling you the personal reason that drove me to publishing this book for free, forever.

But first, let me tell you how this book will help you level up your Python 🐍 game.

Each chapter focuses on a single concept.

First, I tell you what you are about to learn.

This creates expectations for you and makes you more aware of what I want you to pick up, making it easier for you to pick it up.

After telling you what I'll be talking about... I talk about it. I explain everything there is to explain, and I make sure to show you code snippets that help you digest everything.

But, most important of all, I do something that no one else does:

I include examples of real Python code that I took from real Python projects.

Finally, I conclude each chapter with a bullet point list with everything you learned in that chapter.

That list helps make sure you did not miss a single thing and can also be used as a quick reference for later.

All things considered, the book contains roughly 200 actionable Python insights for you.

If you don't want to miss any of those, there's only one thing to do. Download the book for free right here, right now.

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Pydon'ts – Write elegant Python code

210 ratings
I want this!