Python Decorators Remote Workshop

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“Rodrigo teaches new concepts and ideas easily” ― Miguel B., former workshop attendee

I will put these skills to work for you in this workshop 👇

Python decorators made easy

Decorators in Python 🐍 are usually considered an advanced topic, but I have no idea why. The concept is intuitive and has many practical applications, and after attending this workshop you will agree 110% with me.

Why learn decorators?

I prepared this workshop for you because decorators can be used:

  • 🔧 To help debug your code – everyone knows debugging is annoying, so having another helpful tool is always good.
  • 🐌 To make your code faster – it's not always about speed, but having code that runs fast is always nice.
  • ✨ To make your code more idiomatic – decorators exist for a reason, and they are used in real code in the real world. For example, the 3 big web frameworks Django, Flask, and FastAPI, all use decorators! All you need is to learn when to use decorators in your own code.

Learn by doing

I have given over 120h of workshops and there is one thing all my workshops have in common: my workshops are not boring, sleep-inducing lectures. My workshops are interactive, thought-inducing experiences:

“I liked that the workshop was very interactive and dynamic.” ― Teresa C., former workshop attendee

Not only is the workshop dynamic, but it is also focused on practical exercises. I talk as little as possible, so that you can spend the maximum amount of time writing actual code:

“One of the best things was learning through practice.” ― Ana L. C., former workshop attendee

By the time the workshop is over, you will have implemented and used a dozen different decorators.

You and the other attendees are obviously allowed to ask questions, to make sure nothing is left unexplained!

“Rodrigo patiently cleared all doubts we had.” ― Ana P., former workshop attendee

I actually prefer when people ask questions because it makes the workshop more dynamic – and honestly, more fun.

What you will learn

By attending this workshop, you will learn to answer these questions:

  • What is a decorator?
  • How can you implement a decorator?
  • How can you use a decorator?
  • What are decorators used for?
  • When are decorators useful?
  • What useful decorators are there in the Standard Library?
  • How can I make my code faster with caching decorators?
  • How can I use decorators to help debug my code?

Sounds like a lot? Good! That means this 2h workshop will be a great learning experience for you, as it will make you a more well-rounded Python 🐍 developer.

What is more, you will discover the answers to these questions because you will be answering these questions yourself through the exercises.

Learn (& have fun!), or 100% money back

Nothing gives me more joy than sharing knowledge, helping others learn and improve. Now, it is time for me to help you. However, if my teaching style doesn't resonate with you or if you don't learn anything at my workshop, just let me know and I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.


This is an introduction to decorators, so you do not need to know a lot to show up. The main pre-requisite is that you should be curious and interested in learning more about Python.

Coming into this workshop, I will assume you know how to define functions with the keyword def. I will also assume you know the basics of OOP, like the concept of object or how to create a class.

More questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to drop me a line at or reach out to me on Twitter @mathsppblog.

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Python Decorators Remote Workshop

0 ratings