Comprehending Comprehensions

Rodrigo 🐍🚀
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List comprehensions made easy

Do you struggle with list comprehensions in Python 🐍?
I know I did...
That's why I created this ebook.
With over 200 exercises 😱, you will practise list comprehensions until your fingers bleed!

The book covers all-things-comprehensions, from list comprehension use cases, tips for idiomatic comprehensions, advanced patterns, generator expressions, set and dictionary comprehensions, and more!

Write better Python 🐍 code 🚀

As you start learning and practising, your Python code will become more expressive and idiomatic, just like a learner wrote:

“Started implementing them in my code at work. Huge difference in speed and readability!

Excellent explanations and exercises

I tested the exercises and explanations on Twitter @mathsppblog, and I got feedback from dozens of people. I used this feedback to improve my content ✨.

The book contains the best content on list comprehensions. Regarding the exercises, one beginner wrote:

“This is a lovely series and has given me confidence in list comprehensions as I have started from zero.”

Comprehending Comprehensions poster

I presented a poster about comprehensions at EuroPython 2023, a Python conference with +1000 attendees.
With your purchase, you will get a digital copy of the two halves of my A0 poster.
You can also get the poster, for free, if you click here.

Money back guarantee

I love Python 🐍, I love sharing knowledge, and I would love to teach everyone! However, I understand my teaching style may not be aligned with your learning style. If you buy the ebook and you can't learn from it, you get your money back, no questions asked.

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You'll get an ebook for you to improve your list comprehension skills 💪

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Comprehending Comprehensions

4 ratings
I want this!