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Cheatsheet – Python 🐍 match statement

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Cheatsheet – Python 🐍 match statement

Rodrigo | Mathspp
2 ratings

Do you want to master the Python 🐍 match statement?

Do you want to see how this can change your Python 🐍 code for the better?

If you answered β€œyes” to these questions, this cheatsheet is for you.

By getting this cheatsheet, you will improve your Python skills, because this cheatsheet will teach you 12 things:

  • explain how to write a match statement;

  • show the relationship between match statements and if statements;

  • teach how to further restrict case statements with ifs;

  • show how to match several options with the vertical pipe |;

  • show how to match any object with the underscore _;

  • give some real code examples of useful code using match;

  • explain how to match the structure of objects;

  • show how to use that to access data attributes from classes;

  • explain what __match_args__ does in that case;

  • show how to do basic type validation with object destructuring;

  • show how to use the wildcards * and **;

  • teach how to match dictionaries by key or by key and value.

The cheatsheet is available to download for free in a PNG format with high resolution.

You can also purchase 13 mini cheatsheets, that zoom in on each segment of the big cheatsheet.

The premium version also includes the cheatsheet in multiple formats: JPG, SVG, and PDF (the PDF formats include a standard PDF and a print-ready PDF with enhanced quality).

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