Cheatsheet – Python 🐍 list comprehensions 101

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Do you want to master Python 🐍 list comprehensions?

Do you want to become more proficient while working with lists in Python 🐍?

If you want to master list comprehensions and, thus, become more proficient with Python 🐍 lists, this cheatsheet is for you.

By getting this cheatsheet, you will immediately be able to improve, because this cheatsheet will do 7 things for you:

  • explain the anatomy of a list comprehension;

  • show the relationship between list comprehensions and for loops;

  • show how to nest several loops in the list comprehension;

  • show how to nest several conditions and how to simplify them;

  • give some examples with and without filtering;

  • explain how arbitrarily nested comprehensions work;

  • show how to replace map and filter calls with list comprehensions.

The cheatsheet is available to download for free in a PNG format. There are also JPG, SVG, and PDF formats available for purchase (the PDF formats include a standard PDF and a print-ready PDF with enhanced quality).

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Cheatsheet – Python 🐍 list comprehensions 101

9 ratings
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